Call for Abstract Submissions and Session Proposals


Abstract Submissions

Submission Deadline: Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Abstract submissions are based on scientific research and are limited to 300 words.  The presenting author should submit the abstract on behalf of his/her research team.  If accepted, the abstract will be selected for either a poster or oral presentation at the Congress and will be published in Congress proceedings.  Oral abstract sessions will be comprised of top scored abstracts.  All presenters of accepted abstracts must be registered for the Congress.


Click here for more information and to submit an abstract.  


Call for Session Proposals

Session Acceptance Notification: February, 2012


The deadline to submit a session proposal was Monday, October 17, 2011.  All submitted proposals will be reviewed for presentation by the Congress Program Committee.  The Program Committee will select proposals for the various session formats listed below (symposia, discussion sessions, workshops).  



Symposia sessions are intended to be formal presentations on the “state of the science” of a particular area.  Typically, sessions will have two to four presenters, representing at least two different institutions. Each speaker should limit their presentation to 20 minutes, to allow adequate time for questions. The individual proposing the session may be the moderator or a speaker and is responsible for selecting other speakers.  Acceptance of proposals will be considered based on a variety of criteria including merit and programmatic relevance.


Discussion Sessions

The discussion sessions are intended to provide diverse perspectives of research approaches, questions, methods and/or applications in CAM as well as opportunities for discussions of topics related to challenges, controversies, or innovations in CAM research.  Typically, sessions have two to four presenters, representing at least two different institutions. Each speaker should limit their presentation to 15 minutes to introduce their perspective, leaving the remainder of the time for a moderated discussion with the participants and presenters.



The format of these sessions is "hands-on," where participants will learn a new approach (e.g., in research design), method or skill.  Each workshop will be led by one presenter/group of presenters who will provide minimal formal presentation and encourage mostly group involvement.


Selection Criteria

All proposals and abstract submissions will undergo extensive review by members of the Program and Scientific Review Committee.  Acceptance will be determined by the Program Committee on the basis of:

  1. Scientific Quality

  2. Appropriateness of the format

  3. Relevance to Research in Integrative Medicine and Health

  4. Space availability


All presenters of accepted sessions and abstracts must register for the Congress by March 16, 2012 to ensure that the session or abstract is included in the program.